‘Welliv PRO’ series by DRAX, weight equipment for effective strength training!

Balanced workout, not an uneven workout, is critical in order to the effectiveness of your workout. One of the representative mistakes in exercising is beginners not coming down from the treadmill for an extended period of time.
Every part of our body that moves has muscles, most of which are connected to bones by tendons. Between the cells that constitute muscles, capillaries and nervous systems play important roles in the movement of numerous organs as we know.

That is why reduced muscles can cause fractures and other diseases. On the contrary, when the muscles that support our body are strengthened, it is possible to improve and support blood circulation, prevention of osteoporosis, and posture correction.

Thus, using equipment for strength exercise in addition to just doing aerobic exercise on a treadmill is the way to multiply the exercise effect and to maintain a healthy body.
Today, we will find out about DRAX ‘Welliv PRO’ that supports effective strength training.

Weight machine for safe and effective strength training, ‘Welliv PRO’

The equipment used for strength training is classified into 2 types: First, weight machines, which are designed to perform fixed movements like leg extensions and chest presses, and second, free weight tools that allow you to do your own exercise based on your own movements such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Because weight machines basically help you to grasp the movement and posture easily, they are suitable to use at the beginning stage of strength training by minimizing the possibility of exercising in the wrong way or posture.

‘Welliv PRO’ is this kind of weight machine.
There are over 20 types of equipment that allow you to exercise individual parts such as chest, shoulders, arms, and legs, combined with the ergonomically designed DRAX technology.

DRAX’s weight machine! Welliv PRO –What are its features?
“ Ergonomic track-structure design”
Because the weight machine moves only via defined trajectories, you can concentrate on the muscles you want to strengthen without losing force. It is easy to learn posture and exercise simply by controlling the weight, it is exercise equipment suitable and easy to use for beginners.

[Features of DRAX Weight Machine]

Because weight machines are devices with a fixed moving range, the important point is whether it can stimulate the muscles effectively without any harm to the human body. There are many sports equipment manufactured and distributed in Korea and overseas; however, not all have the same specifications.

From the height of the chair to the angle at which arms are bent when they are raised, and the room between your legs is differing, all of which are equipment movements that influence the exercise. These are assets of a brand that are built on the manufacturer’s know-how and scientific basis.DRAX Welliv PRO also has been made one-by-one with the proprietary technology capabilities of DRAX.

The counterbalance system prevents muscle injuries by allowing you to lift with less force while your joints are not folded, allowing the movement without loss of strength based on the equipment design that considered the rotation axis of the joint. In addition, you will feel the details of DRAX’s technical skills in various parts.

“Ultra-Precision Laser Processing”

DRAX Welliv PRO could be built ergonomically because, at its basis, the in-house DRAX production facility of cutting-edge technology. Because DRAX has a production line that produces exactly the design intended, DRAX can manufacture customized products.

In particular, because DRAX cuts and processes with ultra-precision lasers, equipment with high structural perfection can be manufactured. The old simple hand-based joining of plates may cause unfit assembly or cracks during the manufacturing process, which can cause breaks and malfunctions due to the shocks and vibrations caused when using the equipment.

As mentioned earlier, however, DRAX products are manufactured precisely with laser cutting, allowing the products to withstand failures caused by shock and vibration for a long time.

[DRAX Production facilities]

“Materials for improving convenience”

DRAX Welliv PRO has never missed details in order to increase user convenience. It is the philosophy behind DRAX, striving to make products with which you can focus solely on exercising completely during your time with DRAX products.
All the seats that come into contact with the body while using Welliv PRO are made of high-quality sweat-resistant materials, preventing the seats from corroding due to sweat and moisture generated during a workout as well as slipping injuries.

In addition, the circular grips held by hands during work-out are made soft and firm, also preventing slipping and increasing grip feeling.

As such, please enjoy balanced and healthy exercise by using Welliv PRO with DRAX’s philosophy of increasing exercise efficiency and letting even beginners use it easily and safely.