Jogging, hiking, swimming at home! Try home training with the DRAX exercise equipment

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom outside the window, but many people are refraining from going out due to COVID-19. Not only students who can’t go to school, but also office workers working at home must be eager to enjoy the warm spring. At times like this, you should revitalize your drowsy body by doing indoor exercises that you can do at home!

DRAX has been developing exercise equipment based on the value of ‘To create a free, safe, and comfortable exercise equipment as if exercising in nature.’ Therefore, there are many exercise equipment that people can enjoy outdoor sports inside. Today, I’m going to introduce you to DRAX’s exercise equipment that makes you feel like you’re working out indoors.

DRAX motorized treadmill ‘DRAXfit+’ for walking and jogging

Non-Motorized treadmill ‘DRAXFIT+’ gives you a feeling of walking and running outdoors. In the case of a typical treadmill, the running belt automatically moves with power, so the user simply works out in jumping up and down motion. The ‘DRAXfit+’ requires the user’s will to push the curved running belt backwards to move forward, so they can exercise with the same mechanism as walking outdoors.
Since it is more effective and more difficult than a typical treadmill, it is recommended to walk slowly rather than overspeeding. If you walk for about 30 minutes like you’re out for a walk, you’ll get sweat drops on your forehead anytime soon! ^^

Mountain climbing enjoyed at home, DRAX ‘mymountain’

The DRAX ‘mymountain’ is the world’s first climbing exercise equipment that can be implemented from up to 50% uphill to -5% downhill by applying the FS tilt system. The mountains in Korea consist of an average of 5.7% slopes, and you can experience most of the hiking courses using ‘mymountain.’

The ‘mymountain’ has 20 hiking programs built into it. If you choose a hiking program that fits you from beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, the speed and gradient are automatically adjusted over time to create a variety of trekking environments. Of course, you can also set the intensity of your exercise manually to suit your usual hiking course! Even if you don’t try hard to go out for hiking, you can go through rough mountains and gentle mountains at home!

swimming outside the water, synergyair ‘powerswimmer’

There is exercise equipment that allows you to swim without going to the swimming pool. It’s exercise equipment called ‘powerswimmer.’ If you position yourself as if you are lying face down in the water and pull the grip with both arms, you will get exercise effects such as training the muscles you need for swimming or practicing surfing board paddling.
synergyair ‘powerswimmer’ minimizes the pressure on joints and muscles by applying a variable twister grip in which grips move naturally depending on the range of movement of joints such as wrists. It is designed to easily control the strength of your movement fit to the user. You can adjust the weight to fit your strength and choose your strength.

Today, I introduced some of DRAX exercise equipment that can give you the same effect and sense of exercise as outdoor exercise. Along with DRAX, you can enjoy ramen jogging, hiking, and swimming inside the house! Make your healthy daily life with home training!