Introducing the 2019 best-seller Fitness equipment of DRAX

It has been quite long since the Increase in human life expectancy put ‘Wellness (Well-being, happiness, fitness)’ in the center of a healthy lifestyle. Now people naturally enjoy exercise in daily life and figure out more fun and effective ways for a healthy life. In lockstep with this trend, there is an exercise machine that reflects this lifestyle of people today: DRAX, Korea No.1 Fitness equipment brand.

No.1 Best-seller of DRAX “Treadmill New Redon”

Treadmill ‘New Redon’ is the best-seller, one of the most loved Fitness equipment of DRAX. A treadmill is one of the most important Fitness equipment at the gym because anybody can easily use it and it has great exercise effect. DRAX treadmill ‘New Redon’ is excellent for not only the gym users but also the gym owners.

The meticulous structure and sturdy material of DRAX ‘New Redon’ is the foundation of ‘safe exercise’. The Floating Deck System implemented on ‘New Redon’ is a system that patented rubber pillars buttress the center of the deck, decreasing the impact on joints 15 times compared to general treadmills with fixed deck and frame. The ergonomic design reduces the burden on the body and the risk of injury. Also, it is much more efficient in terms of operation. It prevents any minor malfunctions due to the vibration that durable for a long period with fewer maintenance fees.

Smart strength equipment ‘DRAX Welliv PRO’

‘Welliv Pro’ is the main strength equipment of DRAX. There are various kinds in the line for the training of any parts of the body such as arms, shoulders, chests, and legs. Also, considering the joint movable range, frequently used muscles, and the body length of a user in detail, ‘Welliv Pro’ is ergonomically designed.

The biggest advantage of ‘DRAX Welliv Pro’ is the application of a smart system completed with DRAX technology. DRAX smart system is a total fitness solution that analyzes a user’s physical ability and informs the user of the customized workout intensity and methods for the systematic exercise anytime and anywhere.
For the gym users, it is cost-efficient because you can have a customized workout program without a personal trainer. Furthermore, for the gym owners, you can manage the gym effortlessly with an IoT system that easily monitors and organize attendance status and locker usage and even workout performances of members.

Assembly of DRAX Technology ‘Non-motorized Treadmill DRAXFIT+’

‘DRAXFIT+’ is the third commercialized curved type non-motorized treadmill. No.1 Fitness equipment brand DRAX made the world-leading core technology of a non-motorized treadmill!

‘DRAXFIT+’ is applied with an ergonomically curved design that both sides of the deck are high and the center is dinged. From the moment the foot touches the deck, you need to use the entire body muscle from toes to feet, knees, thighs, and upper body to pull yourself back that you that it is much more effective than the general treadmill that only uses lower body muscles.
Furthermore, it is designed to minimize friction resistance and inertia so that there is less burden on the body. If you look at OEM products made in China, in many cases, you have to use excess power to start the running track or it takes too long to decrease the speed. This may cause severe knee and ankle injury. There so many minor malfunctions of the product inevitably causing customer service troubles. However, since the entire manufacturing process from the small parts to design assembly of the machine is done in its factory, not only the globally recognized technology and sturdy product but also the quick customer service is delivered to customers.
Today we introduced TOP 3 DRAX Fitness equipment selected the most by consumers. There must be reasons for being best-sellers. Every part is considered carefully, differentiated product quality, ergonomic design, and reasonable prices.
There is nothing like seeing for yourself! If you are starting your gym soon, contact us on . We will help you experience all of these advantages we have.