The high-end fitness equipment, DRAX’s differentiated production method



How has DRAX established One-Stop Production Line


The human body has 640 skeletal muscles, around 100 joints and more than 80,000km of blood vessels. The strong muscles that connect bones and support them and the healthy blood vessels are the fundamental elements for a healthy metabolism, and therefore, create a healthy life. It is a high-end fitness machines role for training the muscles precisely and safely without straining to the joints. In the past, fitness equipment manufacturers did not design its equipment based on sports science. They have assembled the outsourced components. We found that this process has its limitation as it is not able to tailor-make the equipment structure nor produce additional details aim to maximise workout efficiency. That’s why DRAX has found an efficient way to step further from a traditional method to create high-quality products. We thought we could improve the quality of our products by taking charge of every stage of production.  Based on that thought, DRAX has established ‘One-Stop Production Line’ that is fully integrated production processes consists of R&D, Material purchase and processing, manufacturing, assembling and QA.



DRAX production line enables us to provide

the best quality equipment at a low price.


One-Stop production line enables us to get competitiveness in both quality and price, synergising between the technical skills and the manufacturing system that implements it. DRAX is not neglecting any part of the production line. Bending the iron and cutting the screws may sound simple, but it requires sophisticated technology. Outsourcing may be the most comfortable and most convenient way to make a production. However, It is difficult to cut parts or create sophisticated shapes with the same curves as the design. Also, it can be time-consuming and costly to improve defective products. In the end, extra cost will be a burden on the customers.



DRAX’s manufacturing factory is utilising the latest facilities and artisans with decades of experience.



We handpick all the raw material for its equipment, carefully sizing and reshaping, sawing the raw material for its purpose, cutting thick steel plates into curves,and trimming it to the required size. We have a flawless and meticulous framework from making a basic framework of the equipment to punching a small hole in the machine.



The vibration arising from the workout can be the cause of frequent breakdowns of the machine and the injury of its user. To tackle that, we designed our equipment to minimise the pressure beneath the deck by setting two support fixtures on the front and one in the middle. After the assembling process, we conduct a meticulous quality assurance process to test equipment safety, and only the machines passed this process are qualified to be sold.



We possess the most efficient way to produce safe and durable equipment at a reasonable price. And that led us to become No.1 Fitness equipment brand in South Korea.



DRAX’s the only manufacturer in South Korea covers every stage of the production; production planning, material ordering, manufacturing, assembling. Our products are the impressive result of tireless R&D effort and ‘One-Stop Production’. We sense of duty to deliver accountable products as there is arising demand from the global market, including the USA and Australia. DRAX promise to provide the brand’s mission with reliable equipment.