Perfect for indoor exercise equipment! Introducing the Treadmill NEW Redon of the DRAX!

Do you remember the surprise event in February, ‘What’s the right sport for me?’

[February DRAX ‘Exercise Equipment for Me’ Event (currently terminated)
DRAX has a wide range of line ups for exercise, from cardio exercise to muscular workout I’m sure you’ve thought a lot about each sports instrument, including NEW Redon, Mymountian, Welliv Pro and Free-weight because they have different strengths. Based on the results of the event today, I’ll introduce you to the sports equipment that has been chosen for you by many people.


Which sports machine received the most pick? No.1! Treadmill NEW Redon

[DRAX ‘s NEW Redon Installed Fitness Center]

About 240 people participated in the event, which was held on the DRAX blog, Facebook, and Instagram. As many as 101 of them chose Treadmill NEW Redon as the “exercise equipment for me.”
For the first time in the world, the DRAX treadmill NEW Redon has a speedsync system that detects user movement and automatically adjusts speed! This allows us to adjust the strength of our exercise according to the user’s will and physical ability without the need for button manipulation. It also includes smartphone mirroring and a variety of exercise programs to further enhance the fun of exercise.

[DRAX strength equipment installed Fitness Center]
Welliv Pro ranked second. The Welliv Pro is a strength exercise device that allows you to concentrate on certain muscles and has improved the efficiency and safety of your exercise through ergonomic design. High-strength steel pipes are also laser-processed to make them more durable. DRAX is the one-stop production line that deals with everything from product design to manufacturing, assembly, and processing, and now it’s nagging, right? ^^

The third-place winner was Free weight, who was able to exercise his or her own way. Free weight equipment consists mostly of simple structures. You can create many different ways of exercise by changing your posture, so you can design customized movements according to your individual body structure and capabilities. However, in order to increase the effectiveness of exercise and prevent injury, we recommend that you correct your exercise posture or methods with the help of experts.

[DRAX Mymountian Installed Fitness Center]
The last one was Mymountian, who could have the same effect as climbing indoors. Mymountian is the first hiking machine in Korea using the FS Slope System. You can do cardio exercise with high strength and efficiency while adjusting the angle of the slope by -5 to 50 percent. Since the installation area is about one-half of the normal treadmill, it is exercise equipment suitable for working out without any burden at home.

Enjoy ‘Treadmill New Redon,’ a smart indoor sport flower

“It’s good for beginners of sports, so I think it’ll suit me well. (gre***9)”
“DRAX treadmill for smart cardio exercise! (팥**인)”

Why is Treadmill NEW Redon loved among many sports equipment?
The Drax treadmill is easy for everyone, from beginners to professionals, and has smart features that other brands can’t easily follow easily. Let’s look at the smart features of NEW Redon, which are bound to be loved by consumers.

[DRAX’s Treadmill New-Redon Speedsync Technology]

For the first time in the world, DRAX Treadmill New-Redon is equipped with the world’s first advanced sensing technology, which automatically adjusts the speed of the motor by detecting the movement.

Speedsync allow users to control the running speed of their own will. Because it’s not a passive workout at the speed of the motor, it can create an athletic environment like running a marathon, and it can have a higher kinetic effect than normal treadmills.

In addition, you’ll have fun content called ‘VTOUR’.

[DRAX’s Treadmill NEW Redon VTOUR Technology]
VTOUR is a 2D VR implementation on the touchscreen. If you choose a background, such as a quiet walkway, a cool beach, or a busy city, the background in the touchscreen moves at your running speed. When the user walks slowly, the image plays slowly, and when the user runs, the image flows quickly. You can feel the way you walk on a treadmill in Europe.

[DRAX TREADMIL ‘NEW Redon’ (left) Touchscreen (right) Mirroring]
The DRAX treadmill NEW Redon is easily operated by the touchscreen on the monitor.
A touchscreen consisting of six categories ‘TV’, ‘VIDEO’, ‘WORKOUT’, ‘INTERNET’, ‘VTOUR’ and ‘MIROTING’ helps you enjoy a variety of content even during exercise. You can watch TV and exercise programs, as well as watch the Internet and YouTube through mirroring with your smartphone.

The DRAX treadmill, chosen by many people, New Redon!
With all of the technology in the Drax, feel the different skills you’ve never experienced in a typical treadmill! The beginning of indoor sports, the DRAX, will join us!