Wrapping up the year 2020, we introduce you to the DRAX Partner Event


On December 2nd, DRAX shared their vision for the future with their partners at the ‘2020 DRAX Partner Event.’



Introducing the ‘2020 DRAX Partner Event.’


Just like the past, this year’s DRAX Partner Event was held at the HQ of DRAX. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year’s event was prepared by strictily following the quarantine safety protocols/guidelines.



The first part of the ‘2020 DRAX Partner Event’ began with a greeting from Yoo Sun-kyung, the CEO of DRAX, and a presentation was made on the current status and future plans of DRAX.After constantly making meaningful strides in the past years, DRAX once again succeeded to achieve the same amount of success as last year despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is due to the wonderful efforts of the partners who are working hard with DRAX all around the country.DRAX once again proved themselves as the #1 fitness brand in Korea, dominating not only the fitness center market, but also the fitness market in government offices and local governments.




After the commemorative speech from CEO, an award ceremony was held to show DRAX’s gratitude for the hard work of their partners. At the event, many partners who have supported DRAX in various fields were awarded with a small prize money and a nameplate.


Partner Event! Sharing the future of DRAX


The second part of the ‘2020 DRAX Partner Event’ kicked off with the speech of Mr. Kim Sa-yeop, senior researcher of the Human Convergence Research Department, to share the development of the fitness market and introduce the vision of DRAX.



DRAX has long been preparing its transformation to a digital fitness platform provider from a fitness equipment manufacturer. Just like how the center of the video/movie industry shifted from video rental stores to movie theaters, and then to Netflix, DRAX is constantly working on a new, innovative system that allows the users to ‘personalize/customize’ their own workout routines, making it more easier and convenient than ever.

“DRAXfit’ a digital fitness platform, is a system that has been introduced under this vision. the CTO of DRAX, used this opportunity to introduce and demonstrate DRAXfit to the partners.

DRAX was able to grow into an industry leader thanks to the support of our partners, and with your further support, DRAX can grow even more and become a major player in the global market. DRAX will continue to work hard together with the partners in 2021.

Please look forward to the footsteps of DRAX as we lead the fitness market next year through the development of new products and an innovative digital fitness platform.