DRAX Presents All the Wrong Information about Working Out.

The Must Know’s before Workout!

DRAX Presents All the Wrong Information about Working Out.


These days, there are so many routes to learn about the information you need for working out, such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. As much as there is a variety, you can also easily get the wrong information. Wrong ways to work out can not only lower the effectiveness of the exercise but also cause damages in muscles and joints. Today, let’s check out what you know about working out is right or wrong!


Sit-ups are the best for losing belly fat?


Let me tell you. Belly fat is hard to lose. I’ve seen many people do multiple sets of sit-ups, crunch, and leg raise to get the killer abs. However, repeatedly folding and spreading abs in poor postures can pressurize joints and cartilage and cause a slipped disc. Then, how can we make sleek abs? We cannot lose fat from certain parts of our bodies only. In order to lose fat, you must burn them through dietary control and aerobic exercise and then train the specific parts of your body through muscle work out. In order to get nice-looking abs, don’t forget to do an aerobic exercise to warm up your body before muscle work out!


The longer you work out, the better?


Too much is as bad as too little. This is no exception when it comes to working out. We often see people working out at the gym for a long time to lose weight or gain muscle. However, simply working out for a long period of time without adjusting the intensity and method can’t be beneficial to your body. As a matter of fact, according to American College of Sports Medicine’s research result, conducting work out with a high intensity that uses over 70% of maximum heart rate for more than 90 minutes, it could even hurt your immune system.

The ‘aerobic exercise intensity’ generally recommended by an expert is 50~75% of the maximum work out intensity, which will make you run out of breath a little. Also, it is best to combine 30 minutes to 1 hour of everyday aerobic exercise with 30 minutes long muscle work out two to three times a week. Don’t ruin your body with an excessive workout!


DRAX My Mountain, is it only effective when I run?


DRAX’s My Mountain is a treadmill first to introduce the FS slope system in the world. It can adjust the slope from -5% to a maximum of 50%, which creates an environment similar to mountain climbing’s uphill and downhill and enables more effective aerobic exercise. My mountain is an equipment with high intensity, which results in two times more calorie consumption than working out on the flat ground.


[DRAX My Mountain]


DRAX’s My Mountain applied patented technology, such as the optimum walking cushion through the smart shock absorption system and dynamic spring system, etc. but as it is a work out with high intensity from a high slope angle, walking fast is recommended rather than running. Just like you would climb a mountain. Excessive running could pressurize your knees and ankles, and you could even possibly fall, so please be extra careful.

Today, we had a chance to learn about wrong work out postures and how to properly use DRAX’s work out equipment. From now on, work out with the right information, raise effectiveness, and prevent injury all at the same time!