Have more fun! More effective! Enjoy DRAX Treadmill 200%!

Are you still doing the dull workout on the treadmill? Like running while watching TV with a set time and speed. But you will soon get bored with a simple and repetitive exercise. In order to have fun with exercise, you must feel the effects of the exercise personally and directly feel how your body changes.

The DRAX Treadmill provides diverse features to enhance the effect of workout and make exercising fun. Today, we will learn about a variety of ways to enjoy DRAX treadmill 200%.

Understand me properly then exercise, FITT program

Before start exercising, it is crucial to know the level of exercise intensity that fits you. Especially in the case of treadmills, exercise effect varies greatly according to the speed, time, and cycle of running, it is most important to accurately identify your physical capability.

[FITT Test Program Screen Example]
The FITT program installed on DRAX Treadmill allows you to measure your cardiopulmonary ability. There are 9 types of TMT(Treadmill Test) cardiopulmonary test programs that suggest the running speed, time, and pace by analyzing the VO2MAX (maximum oxygen intake), cardiopulmonary age, and pace. From the effective running speed that is effective for burning your body fat to the necessary speed for interval training, it scientifically diagnoses each individual’s cardiopulmonary abilities and sets specific goals!
That is why numerous fitness centers with professional coaching programs including the GOTO Fitness Center with over 50 branches in Korea provide exercise prescription services using the FITT program.

Running competition in virtual space, RUNBEAT

Can you race with people in a place less than 3m2? It is possible only with DRAXFIIT+, the nonmotorized treadmill of DRAX, and the RUNBEAT.
RUNBEAT is the world’s first system for running competition in virtual space. When a user runs on DRAXFIIT+, the avatar also runs at the same speed as the user to compete with many people!

Because a user must run while directly pushing the deck of DRAXFIIT+ rather than the motor circulates the running belt, muscles used for pushing the body backward starting with the big toes are used as soon as the user’s feet touch DRAXFIIT+. That is, more calories are consumed than a general treadmill that uses mostly the leg muscles.
In addition, as you compete with others with RUNBEAT, you can have the fun experience of running a marathon indoors with many others together. Not only you can have more fun while exercising on a treadmill, but also you will achieve a higher level of exercise effects.

Smart shoes that analyze your walking posture, SALTED

Incorrect walking posture can unbalance your body. What if you exercise in the wrong posture? The risk of injury will be increased. But if you wear smart shoes ‘SALTED’ and work out on the DRAX treadmill, you can receive information about your walking posture that you didn’t even realize by yourself.

[Smart shoes ’Salted’]
Smart Shoes Salted analyzes the pressure at the moment your feet and the treadmill meets to diagnose your walking cycle, ground contact time, stride length, steps per minute, and weight movement patterns. In addition, it helps you correct your posture by analyzing body data, such as which foot you use more often and toward which direction your center of weight is lopsided.
As you exercise in the right posture, of course, you will use the right muscles, naturally leading to increased exercise effectiveness! If you feel pain in your knees or ankles when you walk, we highly recommend you to analyze your walking posture with the Smart Shoes Salt! =)

Today, we introduced you to more fun and insightful ways to enjoy DRAX Treadmill. Diverse programs of DRAX that show you how to exercise more effectively, help you have fun during your workout, and check your walking posture to correct your incorrect posture! Fun and effective exercise—it is possible with DRAX!