Do you want to do both cardio and strength exercise spontaneously? Find DRAX Elliptical!

Is one of your new year’s resolutions ‘Steady Exercise’? You think doing exercise is essential because your physical fitness isn’t the same as before, but you realize it’s quite difficult to take some time for it.
As a matter of fact, a study released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that only one out of ten people do more than adequate level of aerobic and strength exercise each day. Due to frequent night shifts and annoyances, we are prone to procrastinate exercise.
But it is essential to appropriately carry out cardio and strength exercise side by side if you want to stay healthy! Today, we will take a look at Elliptical equipment that allows you to do cardio and strength exercise spontaneously.

Both cardio and strength exercises at the same time? Perfect for busy office workers! Find how to use Elliptical.

You might be unfamiliar with the name, ‘Elliptical.’’ But if you take a look at its appearance, it’s exercise equipment you’ve seen at least once in a fitness center.
Elliptical is full-body exercise equipment that combines a treadmill and a bike. By the movement of pressing the pedal with your legs, you can strengthen the muscles of your thighs and calves, and by the movement of pushing and pulling the handle back and forth, you can equally develop your triceps, chest and back muscles.

[(Left) DRAX Elliptical (Right) DRAX Recumbent Bike]

It is easy to use even for beginners because the movement isn’t difficult. And since there is little impact on the knee during exercise, Elliptical is recommended instead of the treadmill, especially for overweight people.
Because you can gain the effects of aerobic and strength exercise at the same time, the calorie consumption compared to the exercise time is also high. You can consume about 200-300Kcal in half an hour, which is perfect for weight loss!

The most important thing to note during Elliptical exercise is your posture. It is safest to exercise with your body in a straight line. If your knees are open or your waist is bent, you may be injured by the faulty use of the knee joint. Or if the strength is leaned over the waist, it may cause some pain. Please keep an eye on your posture.

DRAX Elliptical – Classy Design and Substantial Durability!

DRAX self-produces Elliptical with excellent product capability through its One-Stop production line. In particular, after the high-strength steel frame is precisely processed, it’s coated with corrosion-resistant black powder, presenting a classy appearance and substantial durability.
Since the V belt drive is used, Elliptical is softer and quieter than the chain style. As DRAX’s unique ergonomic design is applied to focus on preventing injuries and increasing the effectiveness of the exercise, the equipment allows users to finely adjusting the distance between the footholds in order to prevent creating a gap between the knees during the exercise.

[Design of DRAX Elliptical]

DRAX Elliptical’s “Advanced Intelligent Heart Rate System” checks the heart rate during exercise, automatically adjusting workout intensity. Users can set workout intensity through the subdivided 25 levels of load control, depending on each individual’s physical abilities.

[DRAX Elliptical DE6 (Left) DRAX Elliptical DE6XA (Right)]

In addition, the hybrid control self-generating system allows you to enjoy exercising without a separate power supply cord when the monitor is not in use. The independently operated controller provides exercise information such as calories, heart rates, time, distance, RPM, and level, allowing you to install equipment without space constraints and reducing the cost of equipment maintenance.

[DRAX’s Touch Screen Monitor and Mirroring Function]

A touch screen with the Android operating system is mounted in some models. You can watch TV on the 15.6-inch Full HD display or contents applied with the smartphone mirroring feature while exercising.

DRAX Elliptical is fitness equipment that is suitable for indoor use because of its flexible practical space use and low noise. If you want to do some workout combined with aerobic and strength exercise together in a busy daily life, try Elliptical with excellent full-body exercise effect and enjoy a healthy and refreshing day.