Trekking with DRAX My Mountain, The Most Economical Exercise



Trekking is one of the cardiovascular exercises, such as running and swimming.
As you go up higher against gravity, you would naturally spend more energy compared to walking on the flat ground. It is a popular outdoor exercise since you can develop muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary endurance at the same time. Through a long time movements, it trains the inner muscles of the body, that isn’t used often, and it improves the muscle endurance for the leg muscles.



The most important thing to increase the exercise effect is to have a proper climbing posture. Unlike flat grounds that you land with your heels, when trekking, weight must be placed in a straight line from the legs to the head. When climbing up, it is required not to stress the joint and while climbing down, having narrow steps not to stress the joint.

Enjoy Indoor Trekking Regardless of Weather, My Mountain


DRAX has developed a climbing walking machine called ‘My Mountain,’ anyone can enjoy climbing anytime, anywhere, regardless of the weather.


<A Walking Machine for Hiking, My Mountain>


‘My Mountain’ applied the FS slope system, the first time in the world, enabling it to set up a climbing slope of up to 50%, and also a descent of -5%. You can enjoy repeated up and down trekking course indoor! Mainly, downhill walking helps develop back muscles that support the neck, spine, and waist, and the movement of climbing up and down hills is excellent for stretching the legs.


<My Mountain is able to adjust slope from -5%~50% >


DRAX’s My Mountain did not just stop at adjusting the angle of the deck. Slope, speed, and time can be set considering the user’s physical abilities, and trekking can be done in different courses.


<You can set up various trekking course in My Mountain>


The dynamic spring system also minimizes the machine’s vibration and produces the best working cushion that reduces stress to joints for long periods of exercise. That’s why it’s a good machine for women and elders with weak knees, and patients who need rehabilitation.

Since trekking is an outdoor exercise, there are many environmental restrictions, such as weather and fine dust. My Mountain can reduce the installation area by half because the deck length is shorter than the typical treadmill. It’s space-efficient, so that you can install it at a fitness center, a hospital, a house, a small room, without any restriction.



DRAX’s My Mountain is the result of DRAX’s belief and desire to build exercise machines that makes you feel like you are working out in nature.

Those who wish to trek in a small room at any time,
Those who wish to get the effects of cardiovascular exercise and muscular exercise at the same time.
For those who expect a short time, but high-calorie burning, we recommend a convenient and effective DRAX My Mountain!