‘My Body User Manual’ to balance my body as the spring comes

Reboot inside of my body! Change the biorhythm

It became so warm that during the day you can take off your coats now. If you have not exercised during the winter, you need time to reorganize your body.
As the seasons change, our surroundings change as well and if you cannot control your biorhythm properly, you might become listless and drowsy without any reasons. Also, due to the warm weather, naturally, active time increases, and you need a sufficient supply of different nutrition such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. What are the different ways to wake up our bodies to get ready for the spring?

First, regular life and sleep.

As the night becomes shorter, you need to wake up time 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier to control your sleep cycle. Try to avoid anything that distracts from sleeping such as heavy drinking and binge eating at night. Taking a short walk during the day time will increase sun-exposing time and gives time for your body temperature to adjust to the surrounding which promotes biorhythm.

Second, increase the intake amount of vitamin.

In spring, active time increases that you consume more energy than during winter therefore, you need to take various nutrition evenly. Especially vitamin consumption quantity increases by 3~10 times than that of winter. It is good to intake vitamin from supplementary pills sold on the market, but we recommend eating spring greens to fill both nutrition and the taste of spring. 🙂

One of the popular spring greens is shepherd’s purse. Shepherd’s purse helps with liver health and spring fatigue recovery because it is rich with vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron. Besides, like the saying ‘Spring shoots of fatsia is gold’, a saponin component of fatsia is good for blood circulation and fatigue recovery.

Preparing for the next year, RESET&RELAX stiff muscles

If biorhythm has changed due to change in lifestyle and nutrition intake, now is the time to wake up muscle and joint. When the weather is cold, the active time is so low that your muscle and ligament is stiff that excessive exercise might cause muscle, ligament, and joint injuries.

Exercises that gently relax and strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joints are essential. In particular, the cardio workout is recommended to relax stiff muscle rather than excessive muscle exercise.

“Stretching before and after a workout is necessary, DRAX Twist”

[DRAX Twist]
DRAX TWIST is a machine that gently relaxes stiff muscles. Grasp the handle with both hands, climb onto the disc and slowly twist the body from side to side. You can feel the muscles and ligaments stretching along the spine line.
If you sit on a chair on the other side and stretch, you can stimulate your back muscles more than you stand. Also, you can stretch your hands on the handle, press your shoulders to the floor, and stretch. the most important thing is to stretch your body at the beginning and end of your workout.
“Body Awaking Cardio, Riding DRAX Bike”

[DRAX (Left)Sitting Bike (Right)Standing Bike]
We recommend a light cardio exercise as an exercise to awake a hardened body in spring. A bike is good for strengthening the lower body muscles and strengthening the cardiorespiratory function, and it is an exercise device that does not put much strain on the stiff knee joint due to the low weight burden on the leg.
DRAX has two types of indoor bikes: sitting and standing. Seated and standing bikes have different riding and exercise effects. Seated bikes are ideal for exercising on the lower back discs or pregnant women, as they lean back and focus on the lower body to turn the pedals. The main purpose is to strengthen the cardiovascular system through lower body exercise.
Standing bike lets you use the entire body compared to a sitting bike by exercising with the upper body and hips alone at the tip of the seat. Its special feature is to exercise evenly in the lower body as well as the upper body muscles.
DRAX bikes can be adjusted to a wide range of intensity with up to 25 levels of subdivided load control, from light stretching to intense workouts. For warm-up exercises to awaken a stiff body, it is recommended to exercise casually with light intensity!
Today we learned how to wake up your body in the spring. We hope that you will wake up your hardened biorhythms with proper sleep and exercise and strengthen your stamina for a healthy year.