‘DRAXFIT+,’the originator of non-motorized treadmill

The difference that can’t be emulated! ‘DRAXFIT+,’ the originator of non-motorized treadmill


The number of people who are looking for a ‘non-motorized treadmill’ is increasing. They purchase it not only for the gym or rehabilitation center but also for use at home. Differently from general treadmills, the non-motorized treadmills have characteristics that users can control the speed themselves and run at their own pace. So they can enjoy an exercise effect as same as they jog or do a marathon in real life.
DRAX succeeded in commercializing the world’s third non-motorized treadmill, ‘DRAXFIT+’ in 2015. This is a result that we have been devoted to developing the non-motorized treadmill technology for over five years. Today, we present another level of technology of DRAX’s non-motorized treadmill, ‘DRAXFIT+.’


‘Ergonomic design’ with increased exercise effects and decreased risk of injury



The running pad of DRAXFIT+ is designed in a curved shape, which means an ergonomic design is applied for users.
This curved bottom helps the user to move forward by using the rotational inertia of the exercise as if a squirrel is spinning a wheel. The way a force works is completely different from general treadmills that lift the body up and down.

Moreover, the ‘depth of the curve’ is an important factor in determining technical skills. If this curve is too deep, your ankles will be overwhelmed, and if it is too low, the exercise effect will decrease. Since the curves of DRAXFIT+ are based on the ergonomic design, it is produced with the optimum depth that reduces the risk of injury and increases exercise effects. Besides, it will not only allow lower muscles but also pelvic muscles and glutei maximi to be used mainly so that you can consume more energy. Experience the light movement and exceptional exercise effects on with DRAXFIT+ as if you are running on the real track.


No speed limit for sprint-available DRAXFIT+



Some products have a maximum speed limit even though they are ‘non-motorized treadmills.’ Their maximum speed is higher than treadmills driven by a motor. However, there are some physical limitations that the mechanism itself may implement. DRAXFIT+ is the world’s only treadmill that does not have a speed limit. Since it has realized the running environment that a user can sprint, it provides all sorts of exercises available from sprint training for track and field athletes to walking exercise for the old and weak or rehabilitation treatment. Besides, reverse prevention bearing technology is applied so that the speed naturally decreases as a user moves to the back of the running pas. It prevents the risk of falling in advance.
Thanks to this technology, DRAXFIT+ can be used by anyone of all ages and genders. It is used not only for fitness but also for various purposes, from rehabilitation treatment for patients to professional training for athletes.


Space utilization goes UP. Noise and maintenance cost go DOWN.

Optimized for indoor exercise



DRAXFIT+ is ‘no-motorized.’ It does not require to use electricity so that there are no restrictions on the installation space, and users can save maintenance and management costs.
In the case of a treadmill using a motor, it must be installed in a space where electricity is available, and electricity charges are inevitable to supply power to the motor. Continuous maintenance, such as motor check-up and belt tension adjustment, is also required. However, DRAXFIT+ is not only free from these concerns, but it also requires about 60% of the installation space of other treadmills. Users can install it in a small space. Since it does not use a motor, no noise is made. It is the most suitable treadmill for users who enjoy indoor work-out such as jogging or marathon.

Today, we grasped about DRAXFIT+ that leads the global non-motorized treadmill market with exceptional technology. Sturdy design, ergonomic design, and differentiated functions to match the name of the ‘originator’! Another level of product capabilities of DRAXFIT+ is available only in DRAX! Try to run on the DRAXFIT+ for one minute. Your whole body will feel how the originator is different.