Safe Winter Workout Tip with DRAX



The weather gets rapidly cold with the arrival of New Year! As the temperature drops to -20oC in Seoul, many people experience wincing in cold and gradually lose motivation to work out.
The basal metabolism increases by about 10% in winters as compared to summer. Because our body consumes a lot of calories to withstand the cold with the decrease in temperature, our body consumes a lot of calories to withstand the cold. That is why winter is more effective in managing your weight and an appropriate time to build a healthy figure.
So what shall we do for winter workouts? Today, DRAX introduces winter workout tips for everyone to do a safe and healthy exercise.



Make sure to warm up thoroughly before exercising


It would be best if you warm up thoroughly during winters. The ligaments and muscles that make up the joint contract as the temperature decreases. So the range of moving joints is narrowed. The decrease of tempoerature also leads to the loss of the muscle fibers’ contractile strength and power, so the joints and muscles might get hurt if you start exercising without a warm-up.





First, it is necessary to expand the motion range through a stretching warm-up that stretches joints and muscles. Stretch your shoulders, arms, neck, and ankles long and loosen them not to be aggressive but to be gentle and slow.

Next, warm up to the extent that allows the body temperature to be raised and you sweat slightly. With enough warm-up, muscle temperature will go up, and blood flow will increase. Your body is ready to begin exercising. The lower the temperature drops, the better you should do a warm-up exercise for a longer time. It is great to do warm-up indoors. We recommend to walk on a treadmill casually and make yourself sweat!



Adjust the workout intensity appropriate for you





It’s not advisable to increase the amount of workout compared to other seasons only because the winter season allows you to consume more calories. Since 10-15% more energy is consumed to maintain the temperature, more physical strength is required while exercising, resulting in a decline in physical strength faster. So, it is necessary to have the know-how of adjusting longitudinal strength and doing a proper workout. It is better to lower your maximum workout intensity to the level of 70 to 80%. If you are disappointed that the intensity is weaker than usual, we suggest working out a little longer with weak intensity.



Do an indoor workout if you are worried about cold weather



It isn’t easy to work out outdoors for a long time during winter. If you experience a cold winter wind or snow while exercising, your body is already wet in sweat, so that the body temperature may drop down rapidly. You need to manage your body temperature carefully. That is why many people do an indoor workout in winters. DRAX TREADMILL enables you to benefit from similar effects as an outdoor workout while doing an indoor workout.





DRAX TREADMILL does not only allow you to run at the set motor speed but also to automatically adjust the motor speed up to an individual pace through the automatic speed control function, Speed Sync. You can speed up if you want to run fast. You can slow down if you want to run slow. So, you can have exercise benefits as same as you run outdoors.
In addition, try to use “Speed Sync” to link with “DRAX VTOUR” program built in a treadmill that displays first-person-view videos. You would feel as if you enjoy the landscape of different countries and run outside. It is hard to do outdoor activities because of cold weather and Covid-19. If you can enjoy a splendid landscape in the video, you are killing two birds with one stone!
Today we have introduced a few tips to do a safe and healthy winter workout with DRAX. Winter does its job when it is cold. But why don’t you start exercising little by little instead of staying still because it’s too cold?