How to Make a ‘Home Gym’ with DRAX Exercise Equipment


These days, all those consistent efforts on hard workouts seem to have come to nothing. All the precious muscles have been lost due to the stay-at-home vibe caused by COVID-19. This is why the era of ‘home training’ is long gone and ‘home gym’ has become the new black! More and more people are creating their own gym inside their home.


Home Gym, the Gym Enjoyed at Home


Home Gym is a compound word of ‘home’ and ‘gym’. At-home gym, you no longer have to work out with your mask on. The era of working out comfortably without masks has finally come. It’d be best if everyone could get all of the equipment needed for their workout just like the gyms they used to visit on pre-COVID days, but due to the limitation, we recommend getting the equipment that doesn’t take up many spaces but provide various types of workout at the same time.


Hiking at Home? DRAX MyMountain is the Best for Cardio Exercises


DRAX ‘MyMountain’, also known as the equipment the ‘UFC fighter’ uses, is the most appropriate product for minimizing the space that takes up for any equipment with 2/3 smaller size compared to regular treadmills. Also, slope walking/running gives the double effect of calorie burning compared to running in the regular treadmills.



The best part about MyMountain is that you can adjust the inclination. It can be adjusted from -5% up to 50%, which enables you to feel like you’re hiking at home and doing the Cardio exercise all at the same time.  Also, for those who live in complex spaces like an apartment, you can’t help but worry about the noises the equipment would make. For My Mountain, the belt (where you step on) does not directly touch the ground, which gives a double buffer.  With MyMountain, you can successfully achieve space efficiency, low noise, and workout effect that would make your ‘home gym’ more fabulous.


What’s for Today? Chest, Back, or Thighs? Complete Your Three Major Workouts with DRAX Multi-Rack / Half-Rack & Multi-Bench


Anybody who has experienced going to a gym would be familiar with the three major workouts, which are squat, bench press, and deadlift.
The three major workouts are great for developing your core muscles. These three workouts are crucial and unavoidable steps in growing the muscles all over your body evenly and quickly. Of course, this is hard to achieve from home gyms. But don’t worry, as long as you have DRAX Half-Rack and Multi-Bench, all kinds of workouts can be done at home.





DRAX Half-Rack consists of barbell and dumbbell with a wide range of weight, which enables various types of workout. It is made with a pipe laser process and module method, which enables easy assembly. Using the Multi-Bench with Half-Rack would enable different types of upper body workouts and maximize the exercising effect. The support is in the form of a lever, which is free and easy to adjust.





There’s another important thing in terms of working out. That is ‘safety’. Because the workout routines involve lifting heavy barbells, DRAX Half-Rack also contains safety bars to prepare for dangerous situation.


When preparing for the equipment in a home gym, you first need to think about what kind of workout you need and what kind of equipment would optimize the effect of such workout to enjoy a safe and fun workout at home. Good luck!