How to Burn all the Fats You’ve Gained during the Holidays with DRAX!



This year’s Lunar New Year holidays weren’t the same without all friends and families gathered around like last year. I hope you could all still have a good time with your direct family.
I’m sure many of you have already known that all the holiday foods for the Lunar New Year are high in calories.
There are some representative foods when you think of the Lunar New Year, which includes ‘tteokguk’, ‘japchae’, ‘braised short ribs’, all different kinds of ‘jeons’, ‘sikhye’, ‘yakgwa’ and many more. If you had tteokguk (approx. 436kcal), japchae (approx. 200kcal), sikhye (approx. 250kcal), and yakgwa (approx. 135kcal) with all the other fruits as desserts, the calorie you have taken for one meal is at least 2000~3000kcal, and if you continued to eat like this for all day you could consume at least 6,000kcal a day. This is why we all have discovered ourselves gaining 2~3kg more after the holidays.
So today, we will be teaching you how to burn all those fats you have gained during the holidays.



Burning all the fat with DRAX’s Cardio exercise equipment



The best way to burn calories is an cardio exercise. We are all very familiar with the representative cardio exercises, such as walking, running and going up the stairs, etc. For an adult male (70kg) to work out for 30 minutes, they can burn 257kcal with treadmills, 257kcal for going up the stairs, and 294kcal for hiking. But as you notice, you can’t even burn a bowl of tteokguk you had. Then, would there be any workout that’s more intense than these?



Swimming outside the water, Synergy Air Power Swimmer





‘Swimming’ is one of the representative cardio exercises that can be enjoyed by anyone, with no limits to the physique. Even the ones who are having trouble working out due to their joint hurting can swim without any problem. As if these are not enough, you can burn almost 331kcal by swimming (with a male adult working out for 30 minutes as the standard). The only limitation you might face would be that it is an exercise that can only be enjoyed with water present. How about enjoying swimming outside the water with ‘Synergy Air Power Swimmer’ from now on?
Pull the grip of the ‘Synergy Air Power Swimmer’ with both hands with posture as if you are lying low with your face down on the water to get the train the muscles needed for swimming or get the feeling of practicing surfboard paddling. It applied the variable twister grip method that enables the grip to naturally move according to the movable range of wrists to minimize the pressure on joints and muscles and increase the calorie consumption at the same time.



DRAX Elliptical, performing cardio and weight exercises all at the same time





The ‘Elliptical’ is a piece of exercise equipment for the whole body that combined a treadmill and bike. The calorie consumption for cycling is almost up to 300kcal, and running on the treadmill for the same amount of time is around 378kcal. ‘DRAX Elliptical’ created a synergy combining those two exercises, which shows higher consumption of calories compared to other equipment when used for the same amount of time.
Also with ‘Elliptical’, the users can perform both cardio and weight exercises all at the same time. The increase in muscle mass can speed up the metabolism, so in order to make a body type that doesn’t gain weight easily the muscle exercise is the key. Train your lower-body muscles through the movement that presses pedals with your legs, and develop both chest and back muscles with the movement of pushing and pulling the handle back and forth to get the maximum effect of the weight exercise.


The end game for calorie burning, Treadmill New Redon




The ‘Treadmill New Redon’ is a treadmill with an inclination (slope) function. Anyone would know that running up the hills or mountains burn more calories than running flatlands. Working out on the treadmill with inclination function applies more pressure to the muscle, rather than focusing on the knees and ligaments and lessens the pressure on cartilages, and increases the calorie consumption. Also, if you conduct interval training by changing the inclination of the slope effectively, nothing would be better than this equipment in burning all the fat!