DRAX, MOU Signing with Sangmyung University and CKLZ


DRAX has signed a MOU with Sangmyung University Fitness MBA and CKLZ, a fitness education platform company. CKLZ owns the largest fitness education content & platform in Korea, while Sangmyung University’s Fitness MBA presents the first ‘fitness MBA’ in the entire world.

Through this agreement, DRAX, SMU Fitness MBA, and CKLZ will start the joint development of a next-gen digital smart gym and non-face-to-face fitness education platform. Above all, DRAX has a lot of know-how in designing, manufacturing, and distributing fitness equipment, and also has experience in entering the global market. In addition, they have recently launched DRAX FIT, a digital fitness platform, to lead the domestic digital fitness industry.

Also, they will provide a lot of support to foster new talent through various types of aid for the field practice & internship program of Sangmyung Univ. students.

Prior to this agreement, DRAX had already participated in the SMU Fitness MBA course to foster new talent and develop the fitness market. Sangmyung University’s Fitness MBA course consists of a curriculum centered around business theories and practical knowledge that is required for the innovation of the fitness industry and the operation of a business.

DRAX will continue to work hard for the development of the domestic fitness industr.