Developing ‘Thigh Muscles” that Influence the Health Life with DRAX!


Did you know that your thigh muscles can influence your healthy life?
As it gets harder to go out for outdoor activity and the opportunities to work out decreases along with it, the muscles in our bodies tend to decrease together. The disease that accompanies a decrease in muscular strength and function is called ‘Sarcopenia’. According to WHO, even healthy people experience around 1-2% of the decrease in muscle mass in their 30s and when they reach old age, their abs, hip, and thigh muscles evidently disappear. The decrease in muscle mass also influences the metabolism and lead to obesity or cause different chronic wasting diseases (lifestyle disease). Also, with the decrease of muscle mass decrease in walking or exercising can also occur, which might not only lead to hurt from a fall but also a decrease in immunity and make the body more prone to virus infection. Moreover, it can also affect cognitive function and increase the possibility of dementia.
Now, where should we begin in growing the muscle strength?


Thigh Muscles Influence the ‘Health Life’?


In a paper published in Neurology by the research team at Columbia University, conducting an exercise that uses thigh muscles helps to maintain a brain healthy. Moreover, muscles contain functions to adjust the glucose that enters the body, and having many thigh muscles that use up glucose would stop the blood sugar from increasing after meals, which would be effective in preventing diabetes.
In other words, saving the thigh muscles from when you’re young would be one of the important ways to maintain health even when you get older. Don’t forget!


Growing Thigh Muscle with DRAX’s Strength Equipment


In order to grow thigh muscles, conducting exercises such as squat, hiking, riding bicycle, and stair-climbing that uses thigh and calf muscles.


“Hiking Enjoyed at Your Home, Power Climber”



‘Synergy Air Power Climber’ is a tracking exercising equipment that focused on developing the lower body muscle. On the equipment, the users are supposed to move their feet up and down on the pedal as if they’re climbing up the stairs, and it is designed to focus on the lower body muscle strength workout. By moving the femoral muscle, which is the foundation of the lower body muscle, keeps the balance of the body and prevents damages to the knees. Also, the Synergy Air with air resistance method is known to bring better workout effect than the ones with the magnetic resistance or oil pressure method, so nothing would be more appropriate than ‘Synergy Air Power Climber ‘ in developing the thigh muscle, right?


“Non-Motorized Treadmill DRAXFIT+ for Walking or Jogging”


For the amateurs who are having a hard time climbing up the stairs or hiking, we recommend starting off with a light walk or a jog. Unlike the regular treadmill where the running belt automatically moves with power, the Non-Motorized treadmill ‘DRAXFIT+’ is structured to move the belt only when the user pushes the belt back. This is why DRAXFIT+ gives the same effect as the actual running mechanism compared to the regular treadmills with less usage of hams. Using the DRAXFIT+ the users can naturally use the hip and hams of the thighs and develop them without running excessively!


DRAX Bike for Making Balanced Lower Body Muscles



Bikes are great for training the lower body muscles and increasing cardiopulmonary function. With less pressure on the legs, it is a great piece of equipment even for those with weak bones. DRAX Bike adjusts the intensity of the workout in 25 different stages, from light stretching to an intense workout, so that anyone could enjoy working out.
Also, if you try working out the other way around, the muscles that you don’t normally use could also be enhanced and keep the balance of the whole body. By working the pedals the other way around, the users can also enhance hamstring, muscle popliteus, soleus muscle, muscle gastrocnemius, etc., so we recommend trying it out!



Now, let’s prepare for a healthy future by growing the thigh muscles that influence the healthy life with DRAX!