Beyond Korea to Japan, and to even India! Global DRAX

DRAX, the No. 1 fitness equipment company in Korea, is now expanding into the Indian and Japanese markets. Let’s find out about the story of DRAX’s global fitness market entrance, equipped with the best technology for the health of the citizens of the world.

The first step in the Indian fitness market

DRAX took its first step into the Indian fitness market in November by participating in the International Health, Fitness & Sports Expo in Mumbai, India.

The size of the fitness industry in India is growing rapidly, attracting the attention of numerous fitness brands worldwide. According to KOTRA data, the entire health industry in India is about the size of 22.6 billion dollars, which is about 27 trillion won. The fitness industry especially is growing at an average annual rate of about 18% by 2020, which is a market that cannot be ignored with the current size of about 400 million dollars.

The factors of the remarkable growth of India are diverse. However, as the biggest factor, the rapid urbanization and rising income levels are causing the awareness of health care to increase as well. The high level of interest in health has led to an increase in the trend of consumption of health-related products, in addition to the closely connected fitness facilities to daily lives.

In addition, the government’s efforts in terms of the policy to create “healthy India” are bringing health awareness to the public, including the International Yoga Day held in India.
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As such, IHFF 2019 that DRAX participated in is one of the most popular and strategic events related to the growing health and wellness industry in India, being evaluated as a venue that gathers all major market players around the world. That is why the participation at the IHFF 2019 by DRAX is greatly meaningful.

[IHFF 2019 DRAX Product Display]

DRAX received a lot of attention during its participation at this exhibition. The excellent technology in hardware and software of DRAX treadmills has significantly impressed officials and market personnel in India. Afterward, DRAX plans to be active in its business in the Indian market with the upcoming treadmill lineup.

[IHFF 2019 DRAX product experience]

Expecting the Olympic effect, the Japanese fitness market 

The fitness market in Japan is also one of the most anticipated markets in India. This is because they are expecting a large-scale sporting event. Because of the effect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, a variety of sports-related fields, such as Japan’s sports and healthcare markets, are drawing attention.

Matching this trend, DRAX also participated in ‘SPORTEC WEST 2019’ held in November in Osaka, Japan. This ‘SPOTEC WEST 2019’ boasted the size of one of the largest sports-related exhibits, with a total of 271 companies in Japan as well as about 25,000 people attending the event.

The number of visitors to the event increased by 30,000 compared to the previous year, which shows that interest in the Japanese sports field is gradually rising.

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[SPOTEC WEST 2019 DRAX exhibition booth]

The recent characteristics of the Japanese market are that small-sized and high-technology exercise equipment is becoming popular. Because people cannot make enough time to exercise due to busy work life, small-sized exercise devices that can easily be used at home are becoming popular in Japan.

DRAX has also shown diverse lineups of the newly established DRAX JAPAN at this exhibition, including DRAX JAPAN treadmill, non-motorized treadmill, bike, and synergy air. In particular, the sophisticated and fun software of DRAX treadmills matches very well the trends that lead the Japanese market in recent years.

As personalized fitness solutions, ‘ONFIT’ with integrated management of exercise method and health care, ‘RUNBEAT’, the world’s first virtual environment track and field competition on the non-motorized treadmill DRAXFIT+ attracted a high level of attention from numerous visitors and clients by showing off a variety of advanced software combined with hardware.

[SPOTEC WEST 2019 DRAXFIT+ inside DRAX exhibition booth]

In 2020 as well, DRAX will expand into more markets around the world. Expecting the day when many citizens around the world exercise with DRAX, DRAX will continually strive to make superb and excellent products!