A Secret to Becoming Younger, Building Younger Metabolic Age with DRAX!

Did you know that the actual age can be different from your metabolic age?

The modern people who always suffer from the lack of exercise and irregular eating habits tend to have a big difference in the actual age and the metabolic age. You might not be able to make the passing years stop, but you can certainly lower the metabolic age through exercise. Today, we will tell you a little secret to manage your body younger than your actual age!

Find out about your metabolic age through a simple test

First, we’ll introduce you two simple ways to measure your metabolic age!

[Metabolic Age Test]

First test! Interlock your fingers, turn your hands 360 degrees and stretch them out. You can check your metabolic age by the angle created from your elbow to the lower arm. The younger your metabolic age, the more straight your arms will be towards the stomach, and the older your metabolic age, your arms will create a right angle. If you can’t stretch your arms all the way and your wrist is directed towards the sky? It, unfortunately, means that your metabolic age is over 50.

[Metabolic Age Test]
Second test! Get your two elbows and hands together and raise them above your face. Depending on how high your elbows are placed, you can check your metabolic age. If your elbows are placed right next to your eyes, your metabolic age is in the 20s! If your elbows drop below your chin, your metabolic age is over 50’s. If you can’t get your two elbows together and your body starts to shake, you must start working out now!

The two tests introduced just now are the ways to find out your metabolic age through the elasticity of joints and stiffness of muscle. In other words, to lower the metabolic age, you eventually need to increase the muscle mass and elasticity!

Lowering your metabolic age with DRAX’s muscle workout equipment

To maintain your metabolic age as young as possible, you need to mix both aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise appropriately.

Koreans tend to focus more on aerobic exercises, such as hiking, jogging, riding bicycle, jogging, etc. Aerobic exercise that burns body fat and anaerobic exercise that trains muscle should be combined to increase the effectiveness of working out without muscle loss.

DRAX presents an array of muscle exercise equipment line-up with an ergonomic design, which makes it easier for the beginners to use and reduces the risk of injury. Today, we will recommend you some of the upper body muscle exercise equipment.

[DRAX Muscle Exercise Equipment (left) City Draw, (center) Chest Press, (right) Shoulder Press]

DRAX City Draw develops a wide muscle around the waist and back. Depending on how the user grasps the handle in two modes, vertical and horizontal, the user can exercise either waist muscle or the center of the back muscle.

DRAX Chest Press is a device that develops the muscles around your chest area, a muscle called ‘front deltoid’ between your chest and shoulder, and triceps brachii at the back of your arm. Place your arms at the height of your chest and push it forward. The intensity of the workout and the muscle you want to work out can be adjusted with five different arm positions.
DRAX Shoulder Press develops deltoid around your shoulder and triceps brachii. It is used by lifting up the handle using the shoulder muscle. DRAX’s muscle exercise equipment has a counterbalance system installed. By reducing the resistance from the initial postures, even beginners can use it safely without a high risk of getting injured.

With the start of a new year, today we introduced a way to measure your metabolic age and upper body muscle exercise equipment to make your body younger. Remember, it is always essential to conduct a right amount of workout to maintain your body younger!