A great way to work-out to awaken the vitality inside my body in the change of seasons of spring, find out with DRAX

The winter is finally ending and it is time for us to prepare for spring. Our bodies are also preparing for a change of seasons. During the change of seasons with a big daily temperature range, the immune system weakens and our body is more prone to be exposed to various diseases.

To overcome the season changes, it is important to strengthen the immune system by conducting workouts that are appropriate for your body. Today, we will introduce the points you should take into consideration while working out as well as various workout methods that are helpful during the season.

Be careful of ‘this’, especially during the change of seasons. 

Our body always tries to maintain consistency. During the change of seasons, however, the homeostasis in the body collapses due to a big temperature range, our immune system weakens. Also, the air quality decreases with fine dust and yellow dust during spring. With various internal and external factors, it is easy to be exposed to various diseases during the season.

The eyes and the respiratory system are sensitive to the environment. It is important to pay closer attention during the season. Because the air quality gets worse with dry weather, yellow dust, fine dust, and pollen during the season, you need to make sure not to catch top three eye diseases, such as ‘eye dryness’, ‘allergic eye inflammation’ or ‘epidemic conjunctivitis, as well as respiratory diseases, such as cold, rhinitis and sore throat.

In addition, during the change of seasons in the spring, knee joint patients increase. The tension in muscle increases and stiffens the muscle that holds the spine and joint. If you move too much in such a condition, it can cause various musculoskeletal injuries, such as disc, joint pain, sprain, etc.; therefore, you need to warm up your body before the workout.

Then, how do you prevent these diseases that frequently occur in the change of seasons? Consuming nutritional supplements, improving your diet and receiving treatments in the hospital are all great ideas, but as many recommend, constantly working out is the best method of prevention.

DRAX’s recommendation to increase the immune system during the change of season in spring

Constantly working out increases the immune system, recovers fatigue and promotes metabolism. DRAX’s fitness equipment provides various lineup that enables working out all parts of the body. The equipment’s ergonomic design and shock prevention effect protects users’ muscle from injury.

“Interval running using Non-Motorized Treadmill”

[DRAX non-motorized treadmill ‘DRAXFIT+’]

Interval workout is a workout method that combines high and low-intensity workouts with rest. For example, with the repetitive process of ‘warm up – walking – running – finish’, it tends to burn a lot more calories than a regular workout routine.

The interval running not only burns calories and fat but also promotes metabolism and trains your hart by increasing oxygen within the body. Also, it helps blood circulation, which helps prevent cardiovascular disorder during the change of seasons in spring.

Using DRAX’s non-motorized treadmill, ‘DRAXFIT+’, you can achieve more effective interval running. Because the equipment enables users to run on the running belt only with their force without the power of motors, it uses similar muscular strength to an actual running. The runners can adjust the speed with their own will and combine low and high-intensity workout with rest.

Also, only ‘DRAXFIT+’ which is designed with minimized frictional resistance and inertia, is appropriate for an interval workout. Non-motorized treadmills from other brands tend to require a lot of power to operate the running belt. Those equipment needs to roll the belt heavily, which can cause damage to joints and lower body muscles when exercises, such as interval workout, that require instantaneous explosive power are performed.

This is the part where DRAX’s excellent technology stands out J

“Squat workout using Smith Machine”

[DRAX Free weight series (left) Multi-Rack (center) Smith Machine (right) Half Rack]

Squat is called one of the three major sports recommended by many people. It strengthens lower body and core muscles and shows superior effect to the whole body. Squat is generally performed without any equipment except for barbell bar. But if you haven’t developed the muscles and can’t manage to lift the bar on your own, try DRAX’s weight machine.

DRAX’s multi rack and Smith machine applied counter balance system to help users to lift weight more easily. Once you get used to working out and gain muscle with multi rank and Smith machine, we recommend using half rack for squat without the help of machine.

 “Sled run workout using sled”

[DRAX Cross-fit Sled]

DRAX created equipment for cross-fit with cross-fit master coach. DRAX Cross-fit Sled increases weight by inserting barbells to the poll located in the center and users use the resistance of the weight to work out by pushing or pulling the equipment.
‘Sled Run’ focuses on strengthening the lower body by instantaneously pushing the sled. It stimulates muscles around thigh and buttocks and strengthens the lower muscle to balance out the body stably. Also, the workout movement that pulls the rope connected to the sled stimulates muscles of back and upper body muscle. The workout that uses sled serves the role of increasing the ability to react instantly and balancing the body by increasing the core muscles.

The three workout methods help in strengthening body balance and muscle through exercise of the whole body while increasing the immune system and recovering condition. If you are in a bad condition due to the change of seasons in spring, try developing your immune system through the exercises introduced today. Start today!